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Returns / RMA


We use the Product Claim System - Claimlane - for handling RMA/Returns/Complaints.

You should have received an invitation from us, so that you can create a user on Claimlane, and thus have the opportunity to submit an RMA/complaint case to us.


If you have already received an invitation/created a user, you can log in here


If, as expected, you have not received an invitation, please contact us at "", and we will help you further.


In this folder you can find documents about our RMA process and how to do an RMA in Claimlane


Video documentation and pictures

One of the biggest (and most important) changes to the new RMA system is that in future, video documentation can be made of all errors that are reported.

You are very welcome to send this video documentation with your RMA, but it is not a requirement in the first place. (please read the section "Retain the products for a minimum of 60 days" to read more about when this may become a requirement on our part)

In addition, it is a requirement that at least one picture must be sent with each RMA



Troubleshoot and try to fix before RMA

It is important that you make it clear to your customers that they should review our checklist/device guide before potentially returning an item to you (although the guide is made for VooPoo, the process is very similar on other brand devices).

Checklist - Check with this list before making an RMA (in danish, we will have it in english soon)



Keep the products for a minimum of 60 days

The product(s) on which you make an RMA must be kept for a minimum of 60 days after the case is created and sent to us through Claimlane, unless we contact you and ask you to send the product back to us.

Within the 60 days, you accept that we can demand that a video be made of the fault(s) with the product if our supplier requires it. If this happens, you must make a video of each fault that your RMA is about. This is due to demands from our own suppliers, which we must meet.

Ex: 1 error = 1 video // 3 errors = 3 videos


When the 60 days have passed, there are no further demands on our part to send the product back to us, and you are then welcome to discard the product.