A little bit about us

Danish Trade ApS was founded back in 2017 and is a Scandinavian distribution company engaged in BTB sales of hardware, accessories, bases and e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Our passion is vaping, and we love the opportunities it gives us. Like so many others, we were once smokers. After many failed attempts to quit smoking, we tried vaping as a way to get rid of the smoking habits. As of now, we can proudly say that we haven't been smoking for many years, which is why we know first-hand what a difference and an impact vaping has.

Our focus is mainly on the Scandinavian market. At this point we already service a wide range of Scandinavian vape shops. As our main focus is on the Scandinavian market, this also means that we are specialists on the same market when it comes to legislation.

We are experts in pretty much everything that has to do with e-cigarettes. We offer a wide variety of the most popular products from some of the most exclusive brands from around the world. The products that we offer includes everything from hardware and accessories to bases & nicotine, TPD e-juices as wellas e-juices in general.

Our e-juice are imported from countries like USA, Canada, Malaysia, Denmark, France, England, Lithuania amongst others, and our selection of flavours ranges just as widely, as we offer tastes like fruit, tobacco, custard, nuts, candy and menthol. When it comes to flavours, we refer to the given country's legislation as this varies a lot from one country to another.

We only include the best of products that meet the highest safety and cleaning criterias as well as upholds the laws regarding the products in the given country. All products sold and distributed by us are produced in clean, clinical and approved production houses, and at the same time laboratory tested. This way, we can make sure that everything is done by the book, and that we only deliver producst of the highest quality to our customers.

When we say that we sell TPD approved products, it applies to both hardware, bases and e-liquids. Of course, the TPD approval depends on in which country it is planned to be distributed. We have made this decision so that you can - with peace of mind - sell our products in your store. We do all the hard groundwork so that you can concentrate 100% on your customers.

Customer Service

Our team of specialists covers well over 20 years of experience within the field of retail and customer service. In other words, we know what it means to run a store and to serve customers on a daily basis - and also how crucial good customer service is for a business' success. We also know which level of customer service that is expected these days if you want your store to progress and thrive. Therefore, we also share our knowledge within this area of work if the need should ever arise.

Because of this, we are always available and take your problems seriously - no matter which kind of problem you are facing. We are very flexible and will always do our utmost to solve your exact problem.

We can be contacted at +45 28 76 28 28. We are also always available through email and we will always do our very best to reply within 24 hours.

We also ship your order within 24 hours of it being placed. All our goods are stock items, and it may happen that we sometimes sold out of individual items if unforeseen large orders have been made. With this being said, we always order before they are sold out, so we always are ahead of stock. This is done to ensure that you always have the product available in your store and never run out of stock.

Besides customer service, our team of specialists ekspertise spreads widely as we have staff in-house with deep knowledge in logistics, strategic communication, market analysis as well as employees who are very skilled when it comes to technology.


The Mission

Danish Trade ApS has a very specific mission in mind: to create the best foundation possible for stores and businesses that offers an alternative to smoking for smokers.


The Vision

Our main vision is that every smoker in Scandinavia owns at least one e-cigarette.


Suggestions / praise

We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve your experience with us. We are constantly keen to improve in every aspect of our services, which is why we would love to hear from you if you think that there are any areas of our processes you think that we need to optimize. Your feedback is always welcome. Just send us your feedback on kontakt@danishtrade.dk.

Ps. We are known for handing out cake and other sweets when we are told how we can improve or when we (rarely) make a mistake.

Practical information:

Phone number: +45 28 76 28 28

Email: kontakt@danishtrade.dk

Address: Marielundvej 46A 1. tv., 2730 Herlev

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

CVR number: 39509679

Bank information:

Bank Name: Nordea Sparekassen Vendsyssel

Reg.no: 9070

Account Number: 1632274137

IBAN: DK4490701632274137

Swift address: VRAADK21